Friday, December 17, 2010

And so it begins

It seems like aeons ago that I  received my offer for a Bachelor of Psychology Honours. Over the last three years I have learned about the worlds of psychology and university and with my Honours journey beginning next year, I know I have many more experiences and challenges before me.

My Honours program requires me to complete a 9,000-12,000 word thesis and coursework on topics such as statistics and applied psychology. The first stage in February 2011 involves meetings about what to expect and interviews with potential supervisors. Ultimately, this process will gain me a supervisor and a topic. Whilst this is all a little way off yet, I already have a few supervisors and subject areas in mind. After Christmas I plan to do some reading and revisit my statistics notes to prepare for February.

My goals for my Honours year are:
  • To gain an Honours degree that will gain me a place in a postgraduate program in my state
  • Become more confident writing for psychology
  • Interpret and apply statistics with greater confidence
  • Learn more about real-world psychology
  • Develop my thesis writing, research proposal, time management and independent learning skills
  • Keep up my volunteering with a local group of people that have intellectual disabilities
  • Strike a balance between my study and social life
  • And lastly, to enjoy the experience!

Feel free to comment or ask me questions. I will try to post with some regularity.

I hope you find the blog useful or interesting.

Enjoy the Christmas season!