Thursday, March 3, 2011

A journey of 12,000 words, begins with a single step

My journey of 12,000 words began with perusing the literature in my area of interest, autism. I must admit I am resorting to reading and noting the articles in short bursts. However, it does seem to be working.  My current approach has been to read around a couple of aspects of autism, paying particular attention to  researchers' suggestions for future research. My plan is to read a few more articles and then brainstorm possible project ideas so I'm ready for my supervisor meeting. 

I'm also finding CiteULike a brilliant resource while I'm researching. For the uninitiated, it is a free site to keep a tab of all your references. It even puts them in your choice of referencing format. It did take me a few attempts to work out how to import citations, but is should save the headache of losing them!

My honours year classes officially started yesterday. It was a gentle start to the academic year. We revised statistical concepts and rediscovered the importance of evidence based practice and remaining cautious when evaluating research.

I also attended the first weekly seminar for research students offered by my university. I am so glad that I went. The seminar highlighted that other students do feel a bit 'at sea' in their research journey too.

 The brown object is an oar, not a bottle. Drawing is not my strongest point...

The session also gave me some useful signposts to navigate the journey. I think the key principle I need to hold onto is that laying a solid foundation for my research is paramount to its success. Now I understand why the first few months of brainstorming, researching and designing a project are said to be the most intense! I'll definitely be going back for the next session.
So to any student undertaking research or studying at uni...

 get thee to your uni's learning programs

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